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Payment for all cyc inserts is due upon order. Your check or payment must be received two weeks before your install date. Payment for full install services can be made immediately after completion of cyc insert installation. If paying by check, please write and send all checks to:

Affordable Cyc Walls, Ltd.
14983 Rhoads Rd
Logan, Ohio 43138

It is advisable to send all checks by FedEx Or UPS.
In some cases, credit cards are accepted.
Wire transfer is accepted and PayPal is accepted with a 3% service fee.

No returns or refunds on cyc inserts unless they are majorly damaged during shipping.
All orders are custom made to the clients’ specifications. Returns are not accepted. There are no refunds. If an item is damaged so badly during delivery that it cannot easily be repaired with drywall patch, canned foam, or Guerilla Glue, the client must clearly document the damage in photos (before and after the repair attempts), Affordable Cyc Walls LTD will send a cyc wall piece to replace the damaged part of the cyc wall insert.


A curved wall used in theater, film, television, photography, video games, virtual reality and digital media. Cyc Walls are also called Cyclorama Walls and Infinity Walls. Cyc Walls were first for theater productions in Germany in the 1700’s. Legendary film pioneer, George Melies, used curved walls in several of his 520 films between 1895-1912.

A Cyc Wall can be painted with any color. However, for special effects filming, most people use Chroma Key Green or Chroma Key Blue, thus turning your Cyc Wall into a Green Screen or Blue Screen.

A Cyc Wall makes the subject you are filming stand out. Cyc Walls eliminate corners in your shots; you cannot tell where the floor ends and the wall begins. Cyc Walls can help eliminate shadows in photography. It gives you a perfect 3-D image.

Here are a few of the most important reasons to buy an Affordable Cyc Wall:

  • Building Cyc Walls using plywood on wooden or metal frames is very time consuming and costly. Wooden cyc walls will eventually warp or sag due to the weight of the paint used to repaint your cyc wall. Wooden cyc walls can also splinter and break if you accidentally step on a curve or drop lighting or sound gear on it.
  • Fiberglass systems are very expensive and extremely difficult to repair. It takes a real expert to repair it correctly so you don’t see the texture or color difference in your shots.
  • Hollow systems just aren’t durable.
  • Affordable Cyc Walls are made of Type II EPS foam which makes them flexible yet solid. The small open space gives more stress points to an Affordable Cyc Wall which increases its durability over a solid insert. No other cyc wall company has Affordable Cyc Walls’ coating. It was created by Sheri Dean, a Physics, Chemistry and Engineering teacher in 2010 after other companies started copying Todd Dean’s cyc wall insert design. Todd wanted Affordable Cyc Walls to be superior in every way; they are strong, durable, affordable and easy to install. Other cyc wall insert systems may have duplicated our look but they cannot duplicate our quality.

Sheri Dean will send you a link to Todd Dean’s instructional video taking you through the entire installation process. Sheri has also written a “Cyc Wall Installation Trouble Shooting Guide”. Sheri is available for Zoom, Facebook Live, Messenger, and Skype conferences to help you with installation questions. Affordable Cyc Walls does have seasoned installation professionals who were trained by Todd Dean to do the installation for you as well.

Absolutely! Affordable Cyc Wall inserts can be removed from the dry wall by gently detaching it at the seams. Sheri also has tips for you during installation that will make this process easier. We have many clients who start out in a small space and later need to expand their business. You can easily add horizontal, vertical or even corner pieces to your Affordable Cyc Wall. All of our orders are Custom Made to the Client’s specifications. We can make ANYTHING you want for your studio.