Todd Dean, founder of the Affordable Cyc Wall Systems®,  passed away in January 2019; his wife, Sheri Dean has taken over the daily operations of Affordable Cyc Wall Systems®. Sheri has helped Todd with the business for years. Sheri Dean has a background in Engineering and Physics. Sheri Dean is available to answer any questions you might have.

Todd A Dean was a Production Designer for over 25 years. He had been involved in thousands of television commercials and film productions in the Ohio area during his career. In the late 1990’s Todd began experimenting with building props and sets using Polystyrene. (Todd Dean Filmworks) Polystyrene is a foam that resembles Styrofoam but is much more durable.  Unlike Styrofoam, Polystyrene is made with pressure therefore it has a higher density. Because of this high density it is very strong and can hold a lot of weight and pressure verses Styrofoam.

Todd began seeing a huge benefit in using Polystyrene in Film Production. The light weight quality and ability of easily cutting  and manipulating was a big plus in the fast pace of the production world. Polystyrene also never really rots and has a huge self-life.   Todd decided to build a cyc wall with this material in the early 2000s’.

Todd sold his first Cyc wall in 2007 and began Affordable Cyc Wall Systems. In 2008 Todd sold his first West Coast Cyc and began a relationship with his manufacturer in Hollywood, Ca.   Today the Affordable Cyc Wall Systems can be found all over the United States and Canada.  Clients who own the system love the product for many reasons. The foam structure improves the acoustics in the room along with being able to withstand most foundation structure movement. In the summer of 2011 an earthquake happened in Washington D C.  Todd had just finished a cyc install for Sly Horse Studios in the DC area. The Cyc never even cracked a seam after the quake.  However, Todd does not claim the ACWS is earthquake proof. Other clients appreciate that the product is Green. Ringling College in Sarasota, Florida purchased ACWS because Polystyrene is recyclable. The installation process also passed their Green criteria because it omitted no harmful fumes. Some clients ask if ACWS is reusable if they wished to move at a later date. During the install process, you should only glue the top edge and floor edge then spackle over- if you think you might want to remove and reuse at a later date.  We think you will be very happy with the Affordable Cyc Wall System.