What happens when a top Production Designer and Physics Teacher collaborate?


Todd Dean embarked on a career as a Production Designer, in 1986 after receiving a BFA in Film and Theater from Ohio University. He has been involved in thousands of television commercials and film productions in the Mid-West. Todd was also an Adjunct Professor in Production Design, Technical Theater and History of Film at Hocking College for several years. In the late 1990’s Todd began experimenting with building props and sets using High-Density Polystyrene as part of Todd Dean Filmworks. Polystyrene is a foam that resembles Styrofoam but is much more durable. Unlike Styrofoam, Polystyrene (aka EPS Foam) is made with pressure therefore it has a higher density. Because of this high density it is very strong and can hold a lot of weight and pressure verses Styrofoam.

Todd began seeing a huge benefit in using Polystyrene in Film Production. The light-weight quality and ability of easily cutting and manipulating was a big plus in the fast pace of the production world. Polystyrene also never really rots and has a huge self-life. Todd Dean created the Cyc Wall Insert System using High Density EPS Foam in 2001. It is still in good shape and has moved twice with the company as we have changed locations.

Todd sold his first Cyc Wall inserts in 2007 and began Affordable Cyc Wall Systems. In 2010, Sheri Dean, Todd’s wife and very creative Physics, Chemistry and Engineering Teacher, created a durable yet flexible hard-shell coating for Affordable Cyc Walls that NO ONE HAS BEEN ABLE TO DUPLICATE. It is so durable yet flexible that you can drive a truck on it! Affordable Cyc Wall Systems are so durable they have never even cracked in an earthquake, and the integrity remained intact after being in flood waters. Affordable Cyc Wall Systems are RECYCLABLE and REUSABLE.

Todd Dean, founder of the Affordable Cyc Wall Systems, passed away in January 2019. His wife and business partner, Sheri Dean, has taken over the daily operations of Affordable Cyc Wall Systems and registered Affordable Cyc Walls, Ltd. as a Woman Owned Small Business. In addition to creating the coating formula, Sheri has helped Todd with the business for years doing bids, arranging shipping and assisting with installations. Their son, Todd “Eddie” Dean is also working in the family business now. Sheri Dean is available to answer any questions you might have – give her a call! (614) 266-1211.

The US Government gives TAX BREAKS to companies that use Woman – Owned Small Businesses as suppliers. There is also a second tax incentive that reduces tax liabilities for corporations using Woman-Owned Small Businesses on projects which are funded by state or federal grants or loans. Tax breaks are also offered by many states.

Affordable Cyc Wall Systems and Affordable Cyc Walls, LTD. are not affiliated in any way with companies offering a similar design.

Todd Dean was the original designer of Cyc Wall Insert Systems and we have the documentation to prove this. Upon Todd Dean's death in 2019, Sheri Dean became the sole owner and proprietor of Affordable Cyc Wall Systems and Affordable Cyc Walls, Ltd. There are no franchises or approved third party sales of Affordable Cyc Wall Systems. If you are not dealing directly with Sheri Dean, you are purchasing this product from an imposter.

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