Welcome to Affordable Cyc Wall Systems

 Todd A. Dean, Owner

Affordable Cyc Wall System’s revolutionary way of building a custom cyc offers the quickest and easiest installation process. It is a polystyrene insert that is adhered to an existing sheet rock wall and a concrete or wooden floor. This is the only solid pre-fab cyc system available. Our product uses a solid foam structure covered in a Polymer cement material that is very economical.


Other systems currently available are hollow and made of rigid materials which have a tendency to crack at the seams from stress. The weight of constant re-painting sometimes causes sagging between ribs of hollow cycs. Our system is a solid structure throughout  and the seams are filled in with polyurethane glue.

Temperature changes and mild foundation movement will not crack seams with the Affordable Cyc Wall Insert System.


Your custom wall insert will include a Polymer cement covering in The Affordable Cyc Wall System which has an elastic quality. So any accidental indentations on your custom cyc will not crack and  can be easily repaired with spackle.
( Example: running over cyc cove with a car tire)


Click image below to see larger view of our installation processAffordableCyc-TimeLap